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  • The Late-Coming Left

    The Late-Coming Left

    The desperate attempt to claim Martin Luther King, Jr., as some sort of conservative icon is an example of what the Germans call "late-coming." The GOP is always claiming positions that the Left used to hold before it became more radical.

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  • Arbitrary Power

    Arbitrary Power

    The outcome of legal challenges to online deplatforming are by no means certain. What is left of the freedom of political speech still hinges on the whims of the internet titans and their political allies.

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  • Disenfranchising the Deplorables

    Disenfranchising the Deplorables

    Trump energized tens of millions by showing that opposition to the globalist consensus is possible. He achieved just enough to give a future dissenter from that consensus a chance to overcome the media's negative portrayal of populist nationalism.

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  • The Woke-Enabling Act

    The Woke-Enabling Act

    Throughout history, patriotic resistance to the forces of revolution has been used to justify totalitarian crackdowns. The Biden administration is applying the old lessons of Paris, Petrograd, and Berlin with gusto.

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  • The End of Truth

    The End of Truth

    In the West, we are busy constructing the biggest falsehoods our minds can muster in order to pacify those who feel history has wronged them. Truth ends when it can be denied in order to please political correctness.

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