• What Made the Founders Happy
    July 2020

    What Made the Founders Happy

    Carli Conklin's book The Pursuit of Happiness in the Founding Era seeks to harmonize several strains of thought on what the Founders meant in the Declaration when they spoke of an inalienable right to pursue happiness.
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  • Remembering James Burnham

    Remembering James Burnham

    James Burnham gave us an understanding of what he termed the “managerial revolution,” in which the bourgeoisie has been replaced by a new class of managerial elites, educated technocrats that specialize in the management of large organizations.
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  • Managing Rivalry With China
    July 2020

    Managing Rivalry With China

    The United States finds itself at a geostrategic crossroads. The key global issue is whether the U.S. and China can manage their relations without a war, which history shows usually results when a rising power challenges the status-quo power.
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