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Justin Raimondo


Justin Raimondo is editorial director of  He is the author of Reclaiming the American Right: The Lost Legacy of the Conservative Movement and An Enemy of the State: The Life of Murray N. Rothbard.

  • Rothbard Against the Dismalists

    By Justin Raimondo | December 16, 2019
    In his keynote speech to a meeting of the John Randolph Club, Murray N. Rothbard exhorted his colleagues to take up the task he sees as central to the success of their movement: nothing less than the repeal of the 20th century. The publication of a new edition of Rothbard's Man, Economy, and State underscores the author's hostility to modernity.
  • A Labor of Hate

    By Justin Raimondo | November 14, 2019
    The paucity of biographical material on McCormick is perhaps due to the previous unavailability of his personal papers, which are in the possession of the Robert R. McCormick-Tribune Foundation, which inherited the bulk of the Colonel's estate.
  • The Lion of Idaho

    By Justin Raimondo | July 01, 2019
    The latest fad among leftist historians, according to the New York Times, is the study of the conservative movement. "By marrying social and political history," the Times announced, "this new wave of scholarship is revising the history of Americans on the right"—a prospect that is at once depressing and potentially rather promising.
  • An Empire If You Can Bear It

    By Justin Raimondo | December 28, 2017
    In his classic study of "isolationism," Not to the Swift, Justus Doenecke takes note of a phenomenon called "Asia Firstism"—the view of conservative politicians and publicists of the postwar era who opposed meddling in Europe but saw Asia as the equivalent of the long-vanished American frontier and the East as the natural sphere of American expansionism.
  • George Soros, Megalomaniac

    By Justin Raimondo | August 07, 2017
    Sorosism is an international network of tax-exempt foundations, quasi-political organizations, and "independent" media churning out a great variety of Soroscista propaganda: arcane studies showing the need for a world central bank, a torrent of op-ed pieces calling for "peace" in Bosnia.
  • Who Hates Trump?

    By Justin Raimondo | July 31, 2017
    Politics is all about hatred. Never mind who you’re voting for: It’s who you’re voting against that really counts. And that’s why any disagreement I may have with Donald Trump’s actual policies is completely irrelevant.
  • The Road to Cascadia

    By Justin Raimondo | April 13, 2017
    Internationalism is the creed of the elites, but the people hate it. The cartographers of Cascadia, floating in cyberspace, are free to map out any future they can imagine.
  • In Clear Violation

    By Justin Raimondo | January 22, 2016
    This anti-Trump issue of National Review is, in effect, a campaign pamphlet directed against a political candidate—indeed, the cover proclaims “Against Trump”—and, as such, is in clear violation of IRS statutes regulating nonprofit organizations.

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