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The Broken Promise of American Cities

There is a saying used in California when the going gets tough: “At least we have the weather.” No matter how expensive, dangerous, unclean, and generally inhospitable the state’s cities become, “at least we have the weather,” Californians say,...

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    Erdogan Unleashed

    A successful national leader (“good” or “bad”) is able to redefine the terms of what is politically possible in accordance with his values, and to produce durable desired outcomes. Lincoln, FDR, and Reagan come to mind at home, and Churchill, De...

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  • Heresies

    Prince of Darkness

    As the calendar rolls over to 2018, we need to take stock of where we are as Americans, noting the dangers that lie ahead. Those dangers involve politics, culture, economics, foreign policy, and religion, as well as our capacity as postmodern...

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