Chronicles Magazine October 2014

  • Perspective

    Rebuilding the Family Castle

    A police officer stops two black teenagers sashaying down the middle of a public street. According to law enforcement and at least one noninvolved witness, one of the two—a six-foot four-inch, 300-pound behemoth—charges the cop and goes for his...

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    The War of Wars

    I have lost the battle with my garden, the only war I care about these days. The Drought (yes, I mean to capitalize it, to personify it as if it were an angry god) has scorched the yard, and there is no such thing as victory in the face of such...

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  • Correspondence

    The Monk From Mt. Athos

    Our Greek host on Santorini, a young hotelier and newly married tour promoter, is trying to sell us a Mount Olympus excursion. “Half the German tourists frown, they are unhappy, and you wonder why,” he explains.

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