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Andrei Navrozov

Andrei Navrozov, born in Moscow, lives in Palermo and is European editor for Chronicles.  The former publisher of the Yale Lit, he is a widely published author and translator.  His Italian Carousel: Scenes of Internal Exile was published by Peter Owen Publishers.

  Mnemosyne’s Tricks
  Smound No5
  Biting the Bullet
  People of the Book
  Unquantifiable Differences
  Adrift in Eminent Domain
  A Question of Fairness
  Soul Searching
  A Strange Dearth
  A Thing in Itself
  Whens, Ifs, and Buts
  Unfair Play
  Si vis pacem
  Worse Than Useless
  The Dogma in the Manger
  Up and Down in Palermo
  The Buffalo Harp
  A Certain Knack
  A Silver Pen in His Mouth
  Stairway to Heaven
  An Aix to Grind
  Of Rats and Men
  The Pike
  Time and Tide
  The Honest State
  Professions and Professors
  The New Cinderella
  A Little Education
  A Penny for Your Chomsky
  To Call a Rose a Rose
  All in a Stew
  Souvenir of Florence
  Under Sicilian Eyes
  Under the Volcano
  Eating Cake
  Baudelaire in Russia
  Aere Perennius
  The Dream Dealer
  A Sad Coincidence
  Devil's Mama
  Bulldozing Arcadia
  The Capitalist Nonesuch
  Tarzan's Way
  From JKF to DSK
  Order No311
  Riding the Minotaur
  I'd Walk a Mile for a Hockney
  A Sicilian Mirage
  And Now the Good News
  Proudhon, Beauty and Lego
  Leaving London, 2005
  Our Aboriginal Future
  The Last Corrida
  Retreat From Eden II
  Retreat From Eden
  Katyn 2
  Italian Justice
  A Man of One Idea
  Another Fake Rolexsky!
  Bonkers in Space
  A Chat With a Cabdriver
  A Voice From the Mass Grave
  Crazy Russian No More
  The Salami Fallacy
  The Brazilian Cow
  Unpalatable Values: Culture as Gastronomy
  Revision in Deadpan
  The Right Fork
  The Blind Ape
  The Ulema and I
  Luck and the Mass Man
  The Prism's Prison
  Thin End of the Wedge
  In Praise of Having Not
  A Sicilian Visit
  Classifying Italy
  Return to McSorrento
  Letter From a Hot Town
  Curiosity as a Social Force
  The Rhetoric of Fashion
  Lobar Warming
  Memoirs of a Bridegroom
  A Spy Thriller to the Wise
  Total Accuracy
  A Remembered Kindness
  A Pair of Charmers
  Like Talking to a Wall: Some Further Thoughts on Photography
  A Sense of Perspective
  The Fig Leaf
  A Tattler’s World
  Promises, Promises
  An Idle Character
  Kierkegaard and the Camera
  A Portrait of the Artist as a Bad Man
  Lana Turner’s Nose
  Love and Fiction
  Café Society
  A Political Honeymoon
  The Art of Misanthropy
  Déjà Vu by the Gross
  Eyeless in Love
  Of Love’s Compromises
  Of Chance and Memory
  Sex and Poverty
  A Position of Poverty
  Dressing for Progress
  Return to Manor Farm
  The Last Kulak in Europe
  The Eudaemonic Serb
  Playing With Beauty
  Genetic Roulette
  Rotten to the Core
  A Sad Denouement
  Seduced and Abandoned
  A Question of Boredom
  Made for Love
  The Unbeliever
  The Good Things in Death
  A Northern Light
  Caveat Emptor
  Killing Money
  The Poet Player
  The Hole in the Heart
  The Means and Meanings of Western Culture
  A Way of Dreaming
  What the Loser Wins
  Strange Customs
  A Good Idea
  Stage Fright
  American Italics, or Revelation According to P.T. Barnum
  Socialist Realism from Giotto to Warhol
  North and South
  The Book of Italian Excuses
  Masked Ambition
  Tea With Trotsky
  Hot, Cold, and Tepid
  Night and Day
  Who Needs Islamic Fundamentalism?
  To Get Something Done
  Public Relations
  In the Mafia
  Nothing Better to Do
  The Avenging Deity as a Rational Projection of the Wounded Ego
  With Prejudice
  Leningrading Verdi
  Roman Holiday
  History as Paranoia
  The Women's Movement
  The Pavlovian Sandwich
  The Visitors
  What Epimenides Said
  Good Help Nowadays
  Culture for the People
  Rinse, Please
  About the Tourists
  Why I Live in Italy
  The Last Doge's English
  The Leporello Aspect
  Acqua Alta
  Freud With Teeth
  The Lagoon and the Abyss
  Living Souls
  Not the Venice of the North
  The Values of Unreal Estate
  The Show of Shows
  The Man From Uncle
  At the End of Italy
  My Son, the Sociopath
  Guilt by Association
  Crying Bloody Murder
  The Road to Il Wellness
  First Impressions
  The Chic and the Psychic
  Leonardo's Flying Machine
  Beyond Bugs
  Mauve Gloves & Stoics, Thackeray, Wolfe
  Something of Art
  Papal Soap
  The Princesses and the Pea
  A Rainbow Bridge
  Italian Lessons
  Letter From the Argentario: Local Color
  Waugh After Waugh
  The Skinny on the Pulps
  The Truth About Beauty
  Supply and Demand
  More Wine, Professor?
  Where All Belong
  Nothing Better to Do
  The Totalitarian Bug
  The Formidable Evil
  Totalitarianism With a Capitalist Face
  Jack and Jill, or Why I Am Not a Conservative
  Prison Pencil, Supermarket Crayon
  The Banality of Fiction
  The Other Pasternak
  April in Paris
  Viktor's Spetsnaz, John's Southwestern
  In Defense of Conspicuous Consumption
  Causley at 70
  Order and Justice? Cowardice and Folly!
  The Writer as a Young Liar
  Three Days in Sodom, Two in Gomorrah
  Whose War Is It, Anyway?
  Anatomy of a Swindle
  The Craft of Art
  A Technical Point
  An Episode in Chianti
  How I Expanded My Mind
  The Oxford Experience
  Will It Play in Peoria?
  The Art of Regicide H.R.H.
  Is Old Bob McNamara Still Teaching at Harvard?
  The Genius of Redundance
  Temporizing on the Thames
  Triptych of a Tartar
  Best-Sellers & Brown-Baggers
  Samizdat Philistine
  Bianca and the Commissar