Chronicles Magazine December 2011

Communities and Strangers

According to many Christian theologians, Jesus, the moral Will of God, descended from a state of perfection to take on flesh and blood, with all the pain that goes with living and dying in time.

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    Of Candidates and Clowns

    George Clooney’s film The Ides of March is a behind-the-scenes look at a presidential primary race in contemporary Ohio. The behavior of the candidates and their rabid retinues make American politics look as sporting as feeding time at...

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  • Polemics & Exchanges

    On Blinkeredness

    Mr. Mosher praises the Muslims’ morality. Yet there are in Britain proportionately far more Muslims in jail for ordinary nonterrorist (but serious) criminal offenses than there are indigenous people.

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  • Perspective

    Rome and Jerusalem

    William Blake was quite mad, even madder than most Swedenborgians—and that is saying a good deal—but Christians less insane than Blake have dreamed of building a new Jerusalem where the unpromising specimens of humanity they had known all their...

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  • NEWS

    Once and Future Communists

    In September 2009, anticommunists all across the ex-Soviet bloc, but especially in Bulgaria, were shocked to learn of the election of a former high-ranking communist bureaucrat, Bulgarian diplomat Irina Bokova (a former colleague of mine), as...

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