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Derek Turner

Derek Turner, editor of The Quarterly Review, is the author of the novel Sea Changes (Radix).

  Unending Journeys
  Can the Greens Change Their Colors?
  Emperor of Imagination
  Replacement Theories
  Displaced Persons
  “Yet Britain Set the World Ablaze . . . ”
  The Anatomy of Color
  New Light on the Lakes
  Time’s Terpsichorean
  The Camelot-Chequers Axis
  Unnumbered Years
  Churchill’s Home Front
  The Fun of Brexit
  Bizarre Baroque
  An Englishman in His Near Abroad
  Iron Lady on Her Mettle
  “Pity Poor Bradford”
  Identity and Appearances
  A Watch in the Marches
  Idealists Without Illusions
  An Interwar Odyssey
  Too Quiet Flows the Don
  The Most Truly Conservative Person . . .
  Proper Books
  In the Ultra-West
  Where Color Led
  Home Truths on Ecology
  The Leopard at Large
  Homing in on England
  An Englishman in New York
  Ferals and Feds
  Bungalow Minds
  The Robot's Focus
  The Arrhythmic Heart of England
  Sustained Magnificence
  Sympathetic Magic
  The End of Strong Government?
  Soulcraft as Leechcraft
  One For the Road
  A Tsunami of Towers
  A Living Past
  What Civilization Remains
  The Skeptical Mind
  Epicene Europa
  A Humble Love
  The Decivilizing Century
  A Great Tradition Renewed
  Le Pen's Loose Langue
  Theseus in the Moral Maze
  Fictional Muslims, Nonfictional Muslims
  Our Special Relationship
  The Reign of Grantham
  Anti-Colonist Ally
  Irreducible India
  Tremendous Twaddle
  Britain’s Liberal Legacy
  I’m Just a Travelin’ Man
  The Party Pooper
  An Afternoon Man
  Themselves Alone
  Postwar Immigration
  Ghosts on the Stairs
  The New White Moors
  The End of the Affair?
  Voyage to Albion
  The Great All-in-Agreement Debate
  Style in History
  The Fate of Britain
  Politics and Power
  On Being a Pariah
  A London Political Bestiary
  Clark's Tale
  Waking Up to Dumbing Down
  English Tracts
  Letter From London
  Blair's War on Biology
  Simple Pleasures
  New Gaybour
  Best of British Conservatism
  Drawing the Blairite Battle Lines
  Lawrencemania and Anglophobia
  The Strange Death of Her Majesty's Opposition
  A Valediction for Enoch Powell
  In Trouble Again
  Picking Up the Conservative Pieces
  The Gascon of Europe
  Allah in Piccadilly
  Saving the Irish From Civilization
  Letter From London: Peking-on-Thames
  A Mere Rumor of War
  The End of the East End?
  Television's Taste Terrorists
  Letter From Romney Marsh: Casting an Eye
  Multiculturalism in Metroland
  The British Buchananites
  The Necessity for Ancestor-Worship
  The Barbarian Marshes