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A Third Way?

I went into the 2000 presidential campaign an enthusiastic supporter of Pat Buchanan’s bid for the White House as a third-party candidate. I emerged more convinced than ever that Buchanan would have made an outstanding president but skeptical...

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  • Breaking Glass

    The People’s Militia

    The U.S. Capitol may be the most easily parodied symbol of America. It is a gift to cartoonists, who can use the dome to symbolize graft, foolishness, hot air, scandal, self-seeking—everything, in fact, that can go wrong with a democratically...

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  • NEWS

    Walking the Neocon Plank

    The oasis in recent Republican conventions has been the platform committee. In these hearings, the week before the convention, conservative activists and local party officials would spend four days hashing out the party’s official stance on such...

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    Ditching the Cadaver

    If anything might have transformed the presidential election of 2004 from a dull ritual of mass democracy into an interesting and perhaps even meaningful act of civic decision, it would have been the presence of Patrick J. Buchanan, whose wit and...

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