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Philip Jenkins

Philip Jenkins is Distinguished Professor of History and Co-Director for the Program on Historical Studies of Religion at the Institute for Studies of Religion, Baylor University.  He is the author of several books, including Crucible of Faith: The Ancient Revolution That Made Our Modern Religious World (Basic Books).

  Remembering the Twenty-Teens
  Which Terrorism?
  Remembering Slavery
  Missing the Main Story
  Poet Against Empire
  Too Dangerous to Read
  The Last of the Royals
  How the Crusades Were Won
  Anniversary of the Modern West
  “Only Connect!”
  Islam, Europe, and Slavery
  Race, Genocide, and Memory
  Remembering the Old Russia
  A Long Way Behind
  The Wrong War
  The Forgotten Secret War
  Buddha Nature and Gender Nature
  Survivors and Liars
  Lord Dunmore’s Revenge
  Hearts and Minds
  Conquering History
  Are You a Bigot?
  Gone With the Wind
  The Christmas War 1914
  (Not) The Age of Aquarius
  A Chestertonian Assault
  The Way to Translate
  Back to the Trenches
  The Night the World Didn’t Change
  The Stafford Disaster
  A Modest Proposal for Speech Control
  The Revolution of Greed
  Forgetting China
  Progress and Poverty
  And Pastures New
  The Christian in the Cave
  The Miracle Program
  Wisdom and Science
  Peace With Zulus
  Killing No Murder
  The Triumph of Nice
  The Lost Secret of Kells
  Unto Them a Child Was Born
  Forgetting a Villian
  Europe's Dark Roots
  Myths of Terrorism
  The Daughter of Time
  Designed to Fail
  Well, Naturally, We're Gullible
  An Inconvenient History
  Once There Was a War
  Looking Backwards
  The End of the Chain
  Holes in the Plot
  Yes We Can!
  The Psychopathic Press
  Return to Short Creek
  The Country of the Blind
  Cartoon Enlightenment
  Egypt’s Momentous Event
  The Revolt of Islam
  The Next Militia Panic
  After Watergate
  Historians in Blunderland
  By Any Means Necessary
  The End of Childhood
  The Book of Judith
  No Mirror Image
  The Wrong War
  The Georgia Atrocity
  Lebanese Rules
  The People’s Militia
  Whose Museum? What Nation?
  As Cold as Charity
  De Oppresso Liber
  How Many Priests?
  The Triumph of the Secular
  A Week of Thursdays
  Putting the Law in Lawrence
  How Erewhon Ended Ethnic Profiling
  Goodbye, Senator McCarthy
  Scandals in the Church
  FDR: The Moral Reckoning
  Of Priests and Peducators
  Criminal of the Deepest Dye
  The Butler Didn’t Do It
  Often in the News
  The Crime of Consistency
  The Next Intelligence Crisis
  The Lessons of Leicester
  Nor Shall My Sword Rest in My Hand
  Homophobia and Its Enemies
  Mexican Mosques, Brazilian Buddhists
  Thinking About the Fall of America
  Causes and Catapults
  Shadow of Ecstasy
  The Mindset of Terrorists
  A New Christian America
  Grimmest Moment in Modern American History
  "This Is An Hard Saying: Who Can Hear It?"
  Identity Cards
  Empires of Faith
  Obligatory Holocausts
  Missed Manners and Creeping Laws
  Lies, Damned Lies, and Fossils
  The Dirkhishing Case
  A Confederacy of Dunces
  Your Tax Dollars at Work
  The Shepard Case
  Consider the Alternative
  Lighting Out for the Territory
  Ethiopia Lifts Her Hands
  Risking Nothing
  For What We Have Done, and What We Have Failed to Do
  Speaking the Naked Truth
  Ladies Against the Constitution
  A More Perfect Union?
  The Problems of Contemporary Journalism
  The Sin of Adam's Mark
  A Vast White-Wing Conspiracy?
  Hitting the Headlines
  Lies, Damned Lies, and Fossils
  New Faiths for Old
  That New Time Religion
  Deformations of Justice
  Mommy's Little Monster
  Against the Pessimists
  Young Americans for Freedom
  Gold Cross, Black Helicopters
  City of God
  Demon States
  Teaching Religion and Religious Teaching
  One in Ten: A Gay Mythology
  Affirmative Action and the Academy
  The Eye of the Beholder
  Unbaptized America
  Out of Whole Cloth
  The Matter of Money
  Equal Time
  Defenders of Democracy
  Have a Good Day
  April Bombing
  Friends All Over the World
  The Inner Darkness
  Covert Policing in Modern America
  Episcopal Follies
  What Victims?
  Speaking Truth to Power
  The Puritanism That Dare Not Speak Its Name
  Hard Cases and Bad Law
  Europe's Other Terrorists
  Believe the Children?
  Priests and Pedophiles
  Fighting Drugs, Taking Liberties