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Chilton Williamson

Chilton Williamson, Jr., was the senior editor for books for Chronicles since 1989, and was appointed as editor beginning June 1, 2015.  He is the author of several books, including Mexico Way, The Education of Hector Villa, The Hundredth Meridian, The Immigration MystiqueThe Conservative Bookshelf, and After Tocqueville: The Promise and Failure of Democracy. His latest book, Jerusalem, Jerusalem (Chronicles Press), released in 2017.

  Books in Brief
  Bodio’s Country
  Books In Brief
  What the Editors Are Reading
  The Winds of Time
  The Crisis in the Anglosphere
  In This Number
  The Thousand Faces of “Me”
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Books In Brief
  The U.S. and the E.U.
  Homage to Edward Abbey
  Books in Brief
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Blackface—and White
  Trump and the Right
  What Is Populism?
  The Iceberg Cometh
  Books in Brief
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Designer Asylum
  Seize No Day
  Books in Brief
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Reform Now!
  May, Macron—TRUMP
  Lost Generations
  Books in Brief
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Vengeance Is Mine, Saith Ms. Jeong
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Books in Brief
  Kavanaugh in Retrospect
  The Enemy of the People
  Books in Brief
  What the Editors Are Reading
  The Church Afire
  Capitol Obsequies
  I Hate
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Books in Brief
  Claude Polin: A Remembrance
  Teddy Rebel in Portland
  The Presidential Style
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Books in Brief
  The Partisans Are Coming!
  Darwinian Liberalism
  Anglo Magic
  Books in Brief
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Immigration and the GOP (Again!)
  One Nation Divided
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Books in Brief
  Going in the Wrong Direction
  The Lesson From Pennsylvania
  Books in Brief
  What the Editors Are Reading
  The Logic of Liberalism
  All Against Russia
  The Pursuit of Happiness
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Books in Brief
  The Second Risorgimento
  Is Trump “Normal”?
  The Loss of the Familiar
  Books in Brief
  The Long Retreat Through the Institutions
  Return of the Kings
  Books in Brief
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Cultural Notes, in Two Keys
  Book in Brief
  What the Editors Are Reading
  The Job of Sex
  The Engineered Empathy Gene
  Books in Brief
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Is Europe Burning?
  The Convenient Religion
  Books in Brief
  What the Editors Are Reading
  The Trumping of the GOP
  German Shock
  The Anti-Prometheans
  Making It Close
  Books in Brief
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Who’s the Most Hateful of Them All?
  The Future of Politics
  Books in Brief
  What the Editors Are Reading
  A Small Victory for Europe
  The Abnormal Nation
  The Meaning of Donald Trump
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Books in Brief
  Snuffed Candle
  Managerial Suicide
  Chesterfield and Chesterton
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Books in Brief
  Who’s Appropriating Whom?
  Second Appomattox
  The Great Transparency Racket
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Books in Brief
  The Face of Liberalism
  The “Free World”
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Books in Brief
  The Seven-Year Itch
  The End of Something
  What Do Liberals Want?
  The New Class War
  Books in Brief
  What the Editors Are Reading
  The New Liberal Establishment
  Who’s a Populist?
  Books in Brief
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Trump and the GOP
  The Return of the Savage
  Books in Brief
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Trump, Putin, and America
  Back in the Cowboy State
  Around the World With Donald Trump
  Girls of the Golden West
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Books in Brief
  After Castro
  Election Overload
  The Easiness of Being Liberal
  Books in Brief
  What the Editors Are Reading
  It Just Did Happen Here
  Race and the Elections
  Wages of Arrogance
  Culture and Kultur
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Books in Brief
  Class and Identity
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Books in Brief
  No Surrender
  Liberalism in the Headlights
  Books in Brief
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Merely a Pretext
  In Another Country
  Tocqueville, Santayana, and Donald Trump
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Books in Brief
  Now There Will Always Be an England
  With the GOP—Or Without It
  Books in Brief
  What the Editors Are Reading
  That Bloody Woman
  Qin, Hadrian, Trump
  Self, Secularism, and Suicide
  The New French Resistance
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Books in Brief
  Trump and His Enemies
  The Hell With Spinach!
  Books in Brief
  The More the Merrier
  Had at the Souq
  End of the Liberal Dream
  Books in Brief
  What the Editors Are Reading
  How Liberalism Is Losing
  Sui Generis
  Books in Brief
  What the Editors Are Reading
  NR Trumped
  The Incredibles
  White Like Me
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Radical in Chief
  Panic on the Left
  Grey Lady in Rainbow Panties
  Of Paradigms and Penectomies
  What the Editors Are Reading
  National Review at 60
  Outside In
  Science and Democracy
  What the Editors Are Reading
  House Speaker Ryan
  Out of Syria
  Crescent Moon Over Europe
  What the Editors Are Reading
  The First American Pope
  The Truth in Plain Sight
  Exceptional America
  The Union as It Was
  What the Editors Are Reading
  The Future of Europe
  Kennedy v. Kennedy
  Humanity Lite
  ¡Buena Suerte, Migra!
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Church and State
  The Wellesley Zarathustra
  Beyond “Immigration”
  Two Flags
  Reversion to Balance
  Nothing to Regret
  The Last Fall of France
  Quoth the Raven
  The Way of All Flesh
  The Revenge of the Confederacy
  4.0 and You’re Out!
  The Meaning of Decadence
  The Big Inequality
  The Silence of the Gila
  Carry On
  Mr. Kennan’s America
  The Long March Through the Constitution
  Digital Enthusiasm
  Botched Efforts
  Russia’s Way Back
  The World Goes Its Way
  The Way of Perfection
  Suicide of the West (Reconsidered)
  The Pathology of Postmodernity
  One Big Thing
  The Pope, the "Poor", and the World
  Tyranny in Our Time
  The Importance of Being Mean
  Too Much is Never Enough
  Living the Good Life
  The Solipsistic State
  The Era of Our Discontent
  Mal de Mer
  The Hind and the Panther
  Die Industrie
  Democracy and the Golden Mean
  Sentimental Democracy
  Shadow of a Shade
  The Primacy of Privacy
  Beyond National Socialism
  A Republic Not Kept
  Free Will in History
  The Life You Save Could Be Your Own
  The Obamnesty
  Civilization and the One Percent
  Neither "Gay" Nor "Marriage"
  "I'm a Republican, But..."
  Obama and the Bishops
  Democracy and the Internet
  Head to Head, Together
  A Disillusioned World
  Pragmatic Destruction
  The Aphid on the Machine
  The Other Leviathan
  The Monism of Perfection
  Contradiction and Collapse
  A Grand Day Out
  The Tyranny of Democratic Politics
  Beyond Democracy
  The Problem of Industrialism
  Who Cares Who's Number One?
  Soothe the Savage Soul
  Paris Personified
  The Women Come and Go. . .
  Comprehensive Conservatism
  At Sea Again
  Joe Sobran as I Knew
  Cold War, Warm Friends
  The Easy Persuasion
  Caring in Colorado (and Everywhere)
  The Happy Few
  The New American Mob
  Cannibal Statistics
  Earthly Purposes
  Sam Francis's Mad Tea Party
  Journalism as Direct Mail
  The Mental Time Machine
  Three Cities, Three Empires
  America: The Movie
  The Democratic Religion
  The Mystery of Animals
  The Trouble With Russia
  Of Queens, Democrats, and History
  Modern Dress
  The Classless Republic: An Impossible Society
  Return to Rome
  A Bittersweet Conclusion
  A Night on Bald Mountain
  Treasure Mountain
  So Far From God
  The Hobbyist
  Reprise in Vegas
  The American Dream
  “¡Mi Casa es su Casa!”
  The Necessary Century
  The Fortune Teller
  For Better and For Worse
  Liberalism as Addiction
  In the Looking Glass
  Cupid’s Thunderbolt
  The Everlasting Frontier
  Think More, Communicate Less
  A Close Encounter With the Enemy
  A Democrat of the Head
  At Home Abroad
  Villa Blanco, Villa Negro
  Héctor Agonistes
  Mexico Way
  An American Patrician
  Witness Un-Protection Program
  A Close Encounter With the Enemy
  The Great Unrest
  Jihad on the Rio
  Daughter and Lover
  Mother and Daughter
  La Dame aux Camélias
  American Parenthood
  Pure Personality
  Government by the People
  Government for the People
  Thoughts on July 4, 2006
  Noche de Desastre
  A Desert Idyll
  The News
  The Candidate
  An Invisible Border
  No Country for Anyone
  On the Firing Line
  Civis Americanus Sum
  The Draftee
  Manners, Morals, Language
  Sartor Resartus Resartus
  A Border Surprise
  Synthetic Syntheses
  Two Trails to the Rainbow
  The Autodidact at Work and Play
  Dia de los Muertos
  Guys of the Golden West
  Play It Again, Plum!
  The Dictator of the World
  The Most Patriotic Conservative
  Reconquista de Villas
  Art, Democracy, Empire
  The Villas of New Mexico
  Night Vision
  The Curse of Activism
  Proposition 200
  Endings and Beginnings
  The Deserts of Nations
  The Grave Robbers
  Gentlemen Prefer C’s
  Bella Sicilia, Clara e Oscura
  "Immigration Is Our Strength"
  The Machine in the Desert
  Cakewalk Through the Sand Dunes
  Leftist Rage, Conservative Hate
  The Warming of the West
  Modern Controversy
  Never the Twain Shall Meet
  Taking Over the Board
  In Praise of Firearms
  Guest-Worker Amnesty
  Blood of Deer and Patriots
  The Education of George Bush
  A Dripping Spring
  Nothing Doing, Doing Nothing
  A Girl of the Gilded West
  A Banana Republic
  What the Thunder Said
  Life Was Simple Once. . .
  Two Deserts
  A Good Day to Live
  How the West Was Won—Again
  A Nation of (Proletarian) Immigrants
  Ten Years Later
  Making Energy
  Elk Hunting in High Heels
  Trench Warfare
  Western Swing
  The Geology of Time
  Fire On the Earth
  Comments Anyway
  Food Stamps for Farmers and Other Absurdities
  The Man in the Black Hat
  A Journey to the Bottom of the World
  Throwing Off the Yoke
  The Mysterious Mountain
  Love Thy Neighbor
  Crazy Horse
  ’69 Plus 40
  Green Hills of Grayest Sand
  The Third Compartment
  Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants
  Getting Somewhere
  Sunday Summer
  Dust Thou Art
  Getting Out of Dodge
  Rome As You Find It
  Now Hear This!!!
  Rome as We Found It
  Democracy and the Art of Handloading
  What Is Paleoconservatism?
  Gather Ye Rosebuds
  A Happy Hunting Ground
  The End of Drought
  Poetry in Ploughing
  The Alternative Candidate
  A Cowboy at Caramoor
  Facilis Discensus Averno
  The Centaur
  The Phantom Horse
  The Voice of the Turtle
  The Cost of Holocaust
  Having It All
  A Sinner in Paradise
  Friends at a Distance
  After the Flood
  The Cowboy Reservation
  Bliss Meadows
  Waiting Nights, Beastly Days
  Backtracking for Home
  Every Man for Himself
  Just You Wite, Maddy Hallbright, Just You Wite!
  Home and Abroad
  The Road to Regression
  The View From Out Here
  Citizen Ed
  Wildness in Waiting
  Twenty Years and Counting
  Writing the West
  Genius in the Making
  Something in Colorado
  The Horror!
  Back in the News
  Beautiful Afternoons
  The Wind Listeth
  Cultured Pearl
  What Do Environmentalists Want?
  Christmas in July
  New Impetus to the Paranoid-style Politics
  Epic America
  The Elite
  Whistling Dixie
  E'en Though It Be a Cross
  Mexico Way
  On the Border With Crooks, and Friends
  The Seventh Day
  Creating a "New Economy"
  South by Southeast
  Wings of Icarus
  The Character of Stonewall Jackson
  The Wanderer
  An Administration Riddled With Scandal
  Year's End
  Legal Immigration
  Hobbles and a Bridle
  Four More Years
  Dust Thou Art
  In Mexico
  The Perfect Life
  With Jeb Stuart in the Rocky Mountains
  Up From Michigan
  Spring, Like a Lion
  Alternative California
  Environmentalism, Culture, and Politics
  Twelve Westerners?
  The Refuge of Scoundrels
  Hunters and Gatherers
  Elk Country
  Anniversary Celebration
  The View From Mount Nebo
  Wyoming Peak
  Brief Mentions II
  Circuit Rider
  The Frontier: America's Broken Template
  Navajoland: II
  Navajoland: I
  Papagueria: II
  Brief Mentions
  Papagueria: I
  The Land of Oil and Water
  Fallen Walls
  Brief Mentions
  The Great Portcullis
  Abbey Lives!
  The Home of the Brave
  Seven Years
  Work Suspended
  View From a Campfire
  Give Me Wilderness, Or Give Me . . .
  Brief Mentions: The Sixties
  The Violent West
  Groundhog Days, Javelina Nights
  29,000 Leaseholders
  Present for the Duration
  War on the West
  Men Unlimited
  Out Where the West Began
  The Survival of the Fattest
  Truth and Public Truth
  Lizzie Borden's Mama Was No Writer
  Who Cares Who's Number One?
  Smoke From Ritual Fires
  Chicken Little Is a Christian
  Once More Beyond the Pale
  Work of Human Hands
  God and Man in Jail
  Sanctity & Sanctuary
  Redskin and Whitewash
  How to Write a Novel
  Stupid Conservatives
  Freaks for Our Time
  The Sentimentalist Conspiracy
  The Leaning Tower of Babel
  Blood at Eastertide
  Economic Crisis in the Caribbean
  The Way We Live
  The Publishing Industry
  The Siege of Baltimore
  Magna Mater, Full of Grace!
  Western Is as Western Does
  Big Little House in American Literature
  Flat-Earth Theories
  I'm Nobody
  Promises to Keep
  One-Fifth Pink
  The Isolationist Enigma
  Piety and Meaning
  The End of History
  La Florida
  Great Exaggerations
  Good News
  On the Road to Somewhere
  Honest Words
  Happy at Home
  'What Men? What Needs?'
  Forty Years in the American Wilderness
  Gnostic Epiphanies
  Blue Suede Shoes Are the Least of It
  The Houdini of Talcottville
  The American Spectrum
  Space Art
  Hope Amid the Ruins
  The Unsovereign Artist
  The Cow in the Trail