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The Illusions of Democracy

We live by our opinions. While other people's opinions are called illusions, if they pose no threat to our interests, and prejudices if they do, we call our own opinions "truth" or principles, if we are fools: "the most positive men are the most...

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    Whig History and Lost Causes

    It is totally misleading to present history as if its course was inevitable. The past cannot be understood if the elements of chance and contingency are ignored. To assume that what happened was bound to happen—the teleological interpretation of...

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    Merry Kwanzaa

    What are you doing this year for Kwanzaa? T'his was once a ludicrous question, but in today's urban America public agencies, newspapers, and businesses trip over themselves showing their unqualified support for this anomalous occasion.

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    Patriotic Gore

    This volume is particularly notable for readers of this journal for two reasons: First, some of it has appeared in these pages, and, secondly and more importantly, the truths it conveys have been a part of the core vision of Chronicles as,...

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