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Your Pink Hat Is Transphobic

If Madonna were a standard white person, her appearance at the August 2018 MTV Video Music Awards—at which she delivered a rambling, self-referential soliloquy about the influences she’d absorbed from Aretha Franklin while costumed in an alarming getup that might, in Hollywood parlance, be described as “Bride of Frankenstein Meets Ancient Egyptian Concubine”—would have brought the leftist brownshirts snarling like rabid coons into the streets and onto the Sunday talk shows.  But no, in the afterglow of her pledge to blow up the White House after Donald Trump’s election, she still had a few shreds of street cred.  On the other hand, the white Anglo-Saxon teen who innocently chose a high-necked, form-fitting Chinese dress known as a cheongsam—popularized by upper-crust Chinese socialites in the 1930’s—to wear to her high-school prom in Woods Cross, Utah, in the spring of last year, was forced to endure a blizzard of abuse from leftists claiming to be appalled at her racial and cultural insensitivity.  Accusations of “cultural appropriation” and “colonial ideology” fogged social-networking sites, but the lovely Keziah Daum stood her ground and pointed out that she bought the dress in a vintage clothing shop because of its beauty and style.  Yet the hullabaloo over Miss Daum’s choice of gown is useful for what it demonstrates about the...

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