Under the Black Flag

Yes, You’re Next

A bunch of charlatans and clowns met in Athens, Greece, at the end of September and, to use an old Greek expression, managed to make a hole in the water.  In other words, they accomplished nada, but they stuffed themselves with feta and tasty Greek food, stayed at the best hotels, accepted honorariums, pumped up their egos and self-esteem, enjoyed the Attic sun, and then went back to their ugly wives and lives in and around Europe.  The subject the charlatans discussed was democracy, a system that once upon a time in Athens worked almost to perfection.  That was about 2,500 years ago.  It worked because it was a selective democracy, where only educated and responsible citizens had the right to vote.

The forum was organized by the New York Times and some U.N. fund, but I don’t know who paid for the fat cats that spoke the rubbish they did.  It was mostly hacks, as we call journalists in Britain, the most egregious being Roger Cohen, the bald and whiny columnist of the Times.  (He’s always complaining about how he came from a Central European shtetel, moved to South Africa, then to England, then to America, and so on, as if anyone really cares to know about a very ugly man’s family and their peregrinations.)

Following the forum, another cosmopolitan peregrinator (also a Times hack) gave us a long lecture arguing that  “democracy...

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