Breaking Glass

Yes We Can!

The word transformational surfaced often in the 2008 election season, and for once, the cliché might have had some validity.  America assuredly is entering an era of transformation, even of revolutionary change, but on nothing like the lines that many expect.  The political right stands to benefit enormously, provided its adherents understand the dramatically altered ground rules.  Yes we can!

That comment may sound strange following an election that epitomized the internal collapse of a nation—political, economic, and, above all, cultural.  The left wanted a new New Deal, and they will likely get just that, in an ugly reprise of the FDR years.  Under the leadership of a cynical demagogue, Washington will restructure the economy to penalize economic creativity and eliminate demand, institutionalizing poverty.  As a direct consequence of this election, this country will face one of the worst periods in her history.  The coming decade will be characterized by economic depression, mass poverty, political gangsterism, labor racketeering, sweeping censorship, and rampaging official corruption, with a strong prospect of mass violence.  Unlike the 1930’s, moreover, this lovely era offers no prospect of escape through foreign adventure, as any war sufficiently large to galvanize the economy would also be so destructive as to end the functioning of the wider society.  There would be no way...

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