Cultural Revolutions

Wrong From the Beginning

As the editorial director of, I have been in a good position to chart the failed predictions and laughable prognostications of the War Party—and, while it may be in somewhat bad taste to say, “I told you so,” as the latest news indicates that we have surpassed 3,000 American dead (not to mention 34,000 dead Iraqi civilians in 2006 alone), one cannot help but tote up the scorecard and note that the laptop bombardiers, who confidently projected a “cakewalk,” are batting zero.  On the other hand, even as the “mainstream” media and the neocons were hailing our glorious victory in the first weeks of the war, my March 24, 2003, column—presciently titled “A No-Winner: The first disastrous week of war foretells a dire future”—pretty much hit the nail on the head: “For the first few days, we saw only sanitized images of a clean, hassle-free war, amid hints of a winged victory beckoning in the near future.  But that is fast giving way to the gritty reality of the quagmire we are falling into.  The ‘cakewalk’ that Richard Perle and his fellow chickenhawks confidently predicted is turning into a forced march into Hell.”

Not that you had to be Nostradamus to see what was coming.  And that’s what gets me about this whole bloody episode: How could they not have known?  I mean, the U.S. government...

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