Wrestling With God


In the prison yard, we’re told, men who sexually abuse children are given special attention, and not the favorable kind.  In Euless, Texas, at a public school that bears the unlikely name Trinity, sexual abuse is a celebrated part of the program.

In late February, every major newspaper carried the story of Mack Beggs, a 17-year-old girl who thinks she’s a boy.  Rather than help her to seek counseling—and instead of protecting other students by warning them against the dangers of following suit by indulging delusional thought patterns—the school has validated and encouraged Mack’s psychological pathology.  So have her friends and family, including her legal guardian (her grandmother), as well as her mom and her stepdad.

The family is diverse, judging by their social-media posts.  Mom posts Bible verses, “Women for Trump” memes, pictures of food and her second wedding.  Like a typical American teenager, Mack regurgitates the left-wing propaganda she learns at school and on television—everyone’s racist, rainbow flags, f-this and f-that, female dress codes (no bra straps showing!) promote rape culture.  Nonetheless, mother and daughter agree on this: On the mat, Mack dominates.

Mack is a wrestler. ...

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