Between the Lines

Wrecking Ball

Donald Trump has upended the GOP presidential primary process and turned it into the most entertaining reality show yet.  If The Donald’s road to the White House is blocked—either by the Republican elites or by his own tendency to go too far—and he returns to TV land, he’ll have a hard time topping this one.

While he has enunciated the principles of Trumpismo as they apply to a number of issues—trade (he’s against it), the welfare state (he’s for it), foreign intervention (“We gotta take their oil!”)—Trump has surged in the polls by railing against the invasion of illegal aliens on our southern border.  He wants to build a wall—one presumably embossed with a giant T at regularly spaced intervals—in order to keep the invaders out.  And, yes, he considers the immigrants who have been pouring in from south of the Rio Grande to be the equivalent of a conquering army, raping and pillaging its way across the devastated American landscape.

Trump’s troops remind me of those Japanese soldiers who, isolated in the jungles of Borneo, never got wind of the emperor’s surrender.  They’re still fighting a war that ended decades ago—in this case, more than four decades ago, when Teddy Kennedy introduced the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.  That bill, passed overwhelmingly by Congress with support...

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