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Worst Secretary of State in History

Attending a “holiday party” at the State Department in December 2010, President Obama congratulated himself on appointing Hillary Clinton and declared that “there’s a consensus building that [she] may be one of the best secretaries of state we’ve ever had in this country’s history.”  She is relentless, tough, and does not quit, Obama said, “so, thank you, Secretary Clinton, for your leadership . . . for your incredible dedication to our national security, and more broadly, your incredible dedication to a world that’s more peaceful and secure . . . ”

Mr. Obama’s propensity not to allow facts to stand in the way of his self-serving oratory is well known.  From his maternal grandfather’s service record in World War II to his paternal grandfather’s alleged suffering at the hands of the British in Kenya; from the murky details of his childhood to the unpleasant facts about his political and religious beliefs, this President fits to a T General MacArthur’s famous quip about FDR as “a man who never told the truth when a lie would suffice.”  His gushing tribute to Hillary Clinton goes beyond falsehood, however; it is the exact opposite of reality.

Mrs. Clinton arguably has shown herself to be the worst secretary of state in U.S. history.  The style and substance of her foreign policymaking...

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