Worse Than Useless

Many a wise ancient employed allegory to elucidate meanings obscured by platitude, and so I thought, why not use the trick in this book review?  The fact is, only the history of World War II is more densely populated with hacks than the history of the Russian “Revolution”—initial capital being part of that old scam—and if one wishes to cut through the confusion, a strong cleansing agent, such as a kick in the shins or a wild allegory, is required forthwith.

In October 1967, a disorderly mob of 100,000, consisting of individuals who fancied themselves radicals, liberals, black nationalists, university professors, and women, converged on Washington, marching to the Pentagon in protest against the Vietnam War.  There were few war veterans among their number, though over the next five years membership in Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) would increase to 25,000—admittedly, less than one percent of those who had served in Vietnam.

Now, imagine if the U.S. government had stopped prosecuting deserters.  Moreover, imagine that the soldiers, deserting in ever greater numbers, had been leaving the front with their weapons and ammunition about their persons, and that it was they, together with the alleged professors, liberals, and women, who spearheaded that march on Washington.  I dare say that a few thousand VVAW members armed with AK-47s...

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