Principalities & Powers

World War IV

Be not deluded, just because the United States goes to war with Iraq, that our leaders will not also extend to the entire Middle East the jihad on which President Bush and his court of neoconservative gurus and Zionist Weltpolitikers have embarked us.  Well before any public announcement of whether we would actually make war on Iraq, the gaggle surrounding the President was plotting how they might escalate the war far beyond the “liberation” of Baghdad.  That the most extreme of the cabal wanted an expanded war for their own ulterior reasons was not open to doubt—almost all of those crowing most loudly for a full-scale war in the Middle East were well-known partisans of Israel and her interests.  What was of greater interest was the cabal’s use of the ideological chocolate sauce of “global democracy” to envelope their case for the most naked military aggression and warmongering.

In recent years, the world has heard little of Michael Ledeen, the gentleman who gave the United States the Iran-Contra scandal of the 1980’s when he helped arrange the secret deal by which Israel provided weapons to guerrillas fighting the Nicaraguan Sandinistas in return for a U.S. “tilt” toward Iran in its war with Iraq.  By last summer, however, Mr. Ledeen was back in print in a long op-ed in the Wall Street Journal (September 4), in which he sounded one...

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