Winners and Losers

I thought that Sen. Byron Dorgan of North Dakota might be a cut above the general run of politicians when I noticed that he was one of four Democratic senators who voted against the Bush administration’s recent “immigration reform” bill, designed to replace the American population with Third World coolie labor.  That prompted me to get his book criticizing current federal-government trade and labor policies, and I was not disappointed.  (The other Senate Democrats who proved better patriots than 23 Republicans, not to mention the President, were Robert Byrd of West Virginia, the last Southern Democrat in Congress, and gentlemen from Michigan and Nebraska, states where a lot of people still actually work for a living.)

Many of us have believed that the American social fabric has been stretched in recent years toward a dangerous point of tearing—that the working and middle classes in what was once the Land of Opportunity have been losing economic ground while a small percentage of the very rich got very richer.  Senator Dorgan’s book supplies chapter and verse in support of our suspicions.  His facts and figures, listed below, are sufficient to convince all but the most hardened lobbyist and Wall Street Journal editorial writer.

The middle and working classes are being relentlessly pushed downward by the outsourcing of jobs to the point that the American Dream...

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