Will Democrats Learn?

Year after year, a president gives a State of the Union Address, and year after year the minority party’s response is predictably awful.

Admittedly, the quest to find a humanoid capable of speaking sensible and winsome words into a camera in a political context has always proved to be a remarkable challenge, even for the Democrats, despite that party’s glut of SAG members and monetized YouTube stars.

This year, the Democrats held forth for your consideration Joe Kennedy III, who bravely drew his silver spoon on behalf of blue-collar wage-earners, the military, and law enforcement, but also in defense of Dreamers, the transgendered, and feminist protest-marchers.

The media—particularly CNN and the Washington Post—assailed Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign for referring to a “small loan of one million dollars” given him by his father when he was starting out in the real-estate business in 1968.  CNN helpfully included figures such as the median income and the median home price for that year, numbers intended to demonstrate that Trump could not possibly care about the plight of American workers.

Meanwhile, InsideGov.com, which collects data on all members of Congress, estimates the value of Joe Kennedy III’s trust fund—money he earned by being born the great-grandson of hooch entrepreneur and powermonger Joseph Kennedy—at...

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