Cultural Revolutions

Will America Truly Change?

“America has changed” has been the media’s new mantra since September 11.  But what has America changed into?  Reporters have fanned out across the country seeking those changes, and they have filled the airwaves and pages with their findings.  Some who have been interviewed talked in the abstract about how they do not take as much for granted now.  Others say they have become more spiritual; still others claim they have drawn closer to their loved ones.  Many have remarked on the swelling patriotism within the country and how unified we all seem.

Whether or not America will truly “change” is a question to be answered in years rather than news cycles.  But an AP story written by Ron Kampeas may show that the media is simply indulging in wishful thinking.

Americans are not joining the military in increased numbers, according to the Pentagon; nor are more of them going to church—unless you count mosques.  Laura Bush told a group of New York women that “Divorce cases have been withdrawn at higher rates and more people are buying engagement rings and planning weddings.”  But in Reno, Nevada, the “Marriage Capital of the World,” there has been an 11-percent drop in marriage-license applications since September 11.  Murder and theft have increased in Washington, D.C., and Denver.  An alleged post-September 11 baby boom,...

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