Wiccan Warming

The summer of 2007 was nearly intolerable here in Northern Illinois.  Except for a glorious week in July when the sun, shining bright in the clear sky, never warmed our city to above 80 degrees, the days were an unpleasant mix of heat and humidity, punctuated by a few cool stretches drowned in torrential rains and the rising waters of rivers three feet above flood stage.  Rockford was so hot and muggy that trips to Charleston, Baton Rouge, and the Southwest provided my only relief.  Former Vice President Gore and his legion of disciples have the inevitable answer: global warming.  According to friends (and the rather less reliable evidence of, France during the same period was experiencing one of the coldest summers in living memory.  The explanation for some extreme Greens—and for anyone who saw the movie The Day After Tomorrow—is the same man-made phenomenon, global warming.

Perhaps the Greens are right on both counts.  I know about as much of climatology and meteorology as I know of French literary theory, but the same can be said of the former Vice President and most environmental activists.  The other side, naturally, points out the sloppy reasoning and bad science of the Greens, but, with a few notable exceptions, few of the opponents of the global-warming theory know any more science than Al Gore, and that is saying a great deal.  Mr. Limbaugh,...

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