Why Garry Wills?

Garry Wills identifies himself as a Christian.  He says he accepts the creeds, along with prayer, divine providence, the Gospels, the Eucharist, and the Mystical Body of Christ as the body of all believers.  He thinks it a bad thing that “article by article, parts of the Creed are fading from some churches.”  He also identifies as a Catholic, and tells us he prays the rosary and is devoted to the saints.

On the other hand, his Christianity, and still more his Catholicism, are nonstandard, so much so that it is hard to be sure what he means by his affirmations.  His Christianity downplays the miraculous, speaks of Christ mainly as prophet and comrade, and accepts the validity of other monotheistic religious traditions.  And his Catholicism is a matter of personal connections and cultural positioning rather than membership in a concrete self-governing society.  “I have not lived almost eighty years in the Catholic church without having deep memories for which I am grateful,” he says.  Since that is so, why should he separate from that church today?

More particularly, his Christianity and Catholicism reject sacrifice, sacrality, and authority, and the point of this book is to debunk them.  He opposes those elements of Christianity for a variety of reasons, but at bottom he seems to think they are so much religious mumbo jumbo...

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