Whose Security?

Letter From Alabama

Several years ago, when the summer blockbuster Independence Day came out, I was told that audiences cheered the part where alien spacecraft destroyed such Washington, D.C., landmarks as the U.S. Capitol and the White House.  At least some Americans know who the real enemy is and are willing to cheer publicly at cinematic depictions of their demise (at least in the dark of a theater), despite the threat of being labeled a “domestic terrorist.”

The recent circus caused by the innocent mistake of a Cessna pilot violating the airspace of official Washington, along with one of Jorge Bush’s many hypocritical utterances, made me realize just how wide the gulf is between the Official Ruling Class and the rest of us and why a healthy suspicion of the current regime and its motives is a good thing.

El Presidenté Bush, who never met a Mexican immigrant he didn’t like, told the paranoid xenophobes in Red State Land who oppose his post-September 11, wide-open-borders policy that confident nations do not build fences to keep others out: Only fearful nations do that.  Been near the White House lately?  Talk about fences!  But again, Jorge and his entourage are important people, and the normal rules do not apply to them.  We don’t need no stinking fences from Brownsville to San Diego to keep out Al Qaeda, as long as official Washington is bomb proofed.  To hell...

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