The Western Front

Whose Globe, Whose Europe?

A widely publicized essay, “The Collapse of Globalism and the Rebirth of Nationalism,” by John Ralston Saul, appeared in the March issue of Harper’s.  It is an extended attack on the Enlightenment and its global effects, launched from the multicultural left, which dwells on the happy turn of events that has allowed “positive forms of nationalism to surge forth” against Western economic imperialism.  In both South Africa and Brazil, “ethical” nationalists are rising up against pharmaceutical transnationals and other global corporate interests, forcing them to disgorge overpriced products and profits.  At the same time, nationalism of “the worst sort” has manifested itself on the European populist right.  Thus, “Italy is governed by three nationalists, one of them the leader of Mussolini’s old party.”  Not only in Jörg Haider’s Austria, Saul warns us, but in Belgium, Denmark, France, Holland, Norway, and Switzerland, a resurgent xenophobic nationalism is now raging.  This new mood threatens global capitalism from the virulent right, which has generated “fear of Muslims” and “a return of anti-Semitism.”

Such statements are rife with ideologically driven lies.  Today’s European antisemitism is almost entirely the product of Muslim immigration, which, ironically, European Jewish organizations...

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