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Whose Bias?

Two years ago, I was invited to address a group of Jewish-American women on the question, “Is the American media coverage of Middle East biased?”  The event took place during the height of the second Palestinian intifada, and my hosts were accusing the New York Times and the Washington Post, as well as some of the leading television news networks, of covering the rising violence in the Holy Land in a way that was biased against the Jewish state.

The local newspaper carried a front-page photo of Israeli soldiers beating up a few Palestinians kids in Nablus?  Well, didn’t I hear somewhere that the editor’s mother was, well, Arab, Muslim, or something like that?  And that the reporter covering the Middle East was raised in Germany, which kind of brings up the question of what his dad was doing during World War II (and don’t give that crap about the Eastern Front).  And did you notice how that television anchorman raises his eyebrows every time he refers to a statement made by Israeli officials?  And why do they always showing the bad side of Ariel Sharon’s profile?  Don’t they have some clips from before he put on all that weight?  Why don’t they broadcast them?  Is it because that television broadcaster was once married to a Palestinian?

I am not making this up.  Ask the editor of your local newspaper to...

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