By:Clyde Wilson | February 25, 2014

The local “authorities” and the corporate media have tried to hide and then minimize the facts, but the blessed “alternative” sources got the news out. In the urban county just over the river, the sheriff’s department has been having “joint maneuvers” with elite Army units from Fort Bragg. The curriculum includes helicopter insertions and home invasions.

There are a few of us old fogeys who have read words of wise Founding Fathers about standing armies and remember something about a Posse Comitatus Act. But for most Americans history is a blank and the Now is all. And the federales failing to enforce laws when it pleases them has become routine.

People will divide into different groups in receiving this news. A small number will greet the news happily because they are making money from it or psychically identify with the exercise of power.

A not inconsiderable number are so naïve and  servile that they think that Uncle Sam is always warm and fuzzy and eternally looking out for our best interests. For them it is just another example of his care for our well-being.

Another not inconsiderable number will be made happy and eager to participate.  The government and the armed forces at every level are full of people who regard themselves, consciously or not, as the masters and not the servants of the citizens.  For them the people should always obey their betters (which includes themselves) if they know what’s good for them. Despite the Pollyanna versions of the American past that are widely believed, our history since 1861 has revolved greatly around the federal government using violence to enforce obedience.

Some of us will regard this matter with great uneasiness. We do not believe that government is always just and benevolent. Given the present regime, force is as likely to be used to make recalcitrant law-abiding citizens toe the line as to suppress real dangers to the safety of decent people. It is not hard to imagine our present rulers coming down on armed property owners who are merely protecting themselves. The rulers will respond to the needs of the most influential and favored groups, which definitely does not include the general run of citizens.

This is made more persuasive in that the police these days have been showing less interest in punishing felo de se and more in enforcing malum prohibitum. The first refers to offenses that are naturally evil—murder, rape, robbery, arson, etc. The second refers merely to offenses that are not in themselves evil  but consist of breaking government regulations—like driving over 55 or not paying taxes to the rulers.

Perhaps these divisions among the people will become more pronounced as time goes on. One can symapthise with the old Chinaman who prayed to be spared from living in interesting times.

This is an aspect of Sam Francis's anarcho-tyranny.



Dan Hayes
Rego Park
2/25/2014 11:53 PM

  Paraphrasing the late Sam Francis, the policies described in the penultimate paragraph being carried out by our self-anointed masters can most pithily be termed anarcho-tyrannical.

robert m. peters
2/26/2014 01:30 AM

  I had hope that the sheriffs would not go over to the dark side; however, most if not all of the sheriff departments down here have Homeland Security Officers attached to them who are federals. So it then seems that like our national guard, they have been federalized. Merely posting on the Chronicles website might well within my lifetime become malum prohibitum. Gone are the peace officers of the not-too-distant past.

Kurt Kronfuss
Winter Springs
2/26/2014 03:07 PM

  I would add one more group; those that can gain monetarily but have no conviction regarding the ends.

Bryan Fox
2/26/2014 05:02 PM

  For years I have observed local police and sheriff departments no matter how small have been uniformed in the fashion of Latin America Paramilitary. The DHS is proposing all vehicle registrations upon annual renewal require a photo of the owner. NTSB wants all vehicles by 2016 to have the electronic hardware (black box) to record speed and travel. It is all in the name of safety, and if you doing nothing wrong there is nothing to fear at all. The servile and naive numbers will believe it. Malum prohibitum enforcement will ensure compliance, or one could walk everywhere they go. But they will find a way to regulate that too. The oppression and behavior management will not be administered just by physical force and technology. Rather financial coercion, the economic killing fields. Here is one example, the NFL is threatening to move the 2015 Super Bowl from Glendale Arizona if the Governor does not veto the "Right to Associate" legislation. I pray the Governor will be resolute and let the will of the people stand, but I really don't hold much hope. I believe are darkest days are yet to come and fear for my child.

Ron Holt
2/26/2014 07:44 PM

  The federal government is Leftist. Leftism is totalitarian in nature. Ergo, the government is totalitarian. And that's no tautology.


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