Under the Black Flag

Who Went Nazi?

When the Germans smuggled arguably the world’s most evil man into Russia 100 years ago, they did not imagine the harm they were springing on the human race.  Once Lenin had prevailed, he decided to forge a new consciousness, a New Man, as the Bolshies called it, one that would overcome “the antinomies of subjective and objective, body and spirit, family and party.”  Leave it to a horror like Lenin to design a new human being—Yakov Sverdlov for example, the sadist who ordered the murder of the Czar and all his family, and the family’s dogs hanged.

We hear a lot about Nazis nowadays, but very little about the monsters Lenin and Sverdlov and their enablers.  And if anyone copied Lenin’s methods of winning big through terror and murder it was Hitler and Goebbels.  But let’s forget for the moment about the fierce persecution of the aristocracy by the Bolsheviks, the destruction of an entire class, the chilling tales of looted palaces and murders of millions.  Let’s stick to the creation of the New Man.  This was a communist invention, an unyielding robot-like servant of the party, devoid of feelings except where the party was concerned.  The New Man became the butt of many Hollywood comedies of the 30’s.

What was Lenin thinking?  That’s an easy one.

He needed to create transparency between the individual and the collective...

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