Who’s the Most Hateful of Them All?

No studies indicate, let alone demonstrate, that a significant percentage of ordinary white people “hate” black people, or black white, or indeed that an appreciable number belonging to any race in America today “hates” members of any other race.  But there’s no question that a great many people who subscribe to any one of the various “ideologies” (collective fantasies) alive in contemporary American society hate members of racial groups outside their own.  Setting aside the question of what “hate” means to the left (mostly mere disapproval of, or distaste for, the Other, or else a simple perception of unbridgeable alienism), the plain fact is that liberalism, of all these ideologies, is by far the greatest and most widespread purveyor of “hate.”  Nor does anyone need go out of his way to note the phenomenon, since liberals have been aggressively shouting their antiwhite message from the rooftops for the last three or four or five decades.

Blacks did not invent the condemnatory category of “dead white males,” nor was it a black woman or a “Latina” but a white one who memorably described the white race two generations ago as “the cancer of history.”  And though a tiny minority of black college students has called for “days without white people” on campus and made other segregationist demands, white administrators...

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