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Who's Number One?

I was puzzled by Chilton Williamson, Jr.’s “Who Cares Who’s Number One?” (What’s Wrong with the World, May).  No reasonable person can disagree with his contempt for our country’s endemic America Number One philosophy, especially when we routinely fall so short.  But given the decadent reality of life in most of Europe these days, it’s clear that there’s less and less left on the other side of what he terms “the things that really matter to civilized life.”  What remains is increasingly superficial, if not outrightly duplicative of life in the United States and threatening to Europe’s future.

I completely share Taki Theodoracopulos’s oft-expressed admiration for the Swiss.  But even in that country so worthy of emulation, and notwithstanding the growing strength of the Swiss People’s Party, there are far too many center-left voters in Switzerland eager to dirty their own nest.  How else can one explain why so many Swiss are still pushing to enter the European Union despite that organization’s disastrous evolution?  And is there really any hope for the future when, in response to the present influx of economic refugees from the Maghreb with Italian visas, the Swiss government has proposed handing out 4,000 Swiss francs to any refugee who promises...

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