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Who Rode the Phaeton?

I prefer to believe that there is something I don’t know about Greek mythology than that both Dr. John Willson, in “The End of a Myth” (Views, April), and the Chronicles copyeditor could mistakenly confuse Icarus with Phaeton.  Are they really—at least sometimes—the same person?  My Edith Hamilton seems to imply that Ovid is our only source for the Phaeton story, but perhaps Dr. Willson knows about another tradition regarding the unfortunate young charioteer that identifies him with the similarly hubris-ridden Icarus.

By the way, in the same article there seems to be something missing in the third item of the series of modifiers describing the circumstances of that idiot SUV mom.  What word was intended to begin the phrase “a decent job with a local government bureaucracy . . . ”?  As it now reads, job stands in apposition to woman, which, of course, makes no sense.  With a job?  Possessing a job?  Affirmative-actionized-because-she’s-a-dame into a job?

Another great issue, by the way.  When there are contributions in the same month by both the Michigan Willson and the South Carolina Wilson, I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot.

—Fr. Steven Allen

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