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Who Is One to Judge?

I found myself aghast that, after more or less favorably reviewing Calvary (“Vocation,” In the Dark, November), which sounds like a disgusting and anti-Catholic movie, George McCartney takes the opportunity to declare that “mandatory celibacy in the Roman Catholic clergy is a benighted institution that’s done much harm to the Church.”  He credits the recent homosexual/pedophile disaster in the Church to the fact that priests are not allowed to marry.  On what does he base this?  He claims that “allowing for a married clergy would have given Church leaders a far larger number of candidates from which to winnow the questionable from the ranks.”  In other words, he believes that Church leaders are on the lookout for homosexual individuals and would, in fact, “winnow” them.  If this is true, why has it not happened?  Does Professor McCartney think that fewer numbers of candidates have encouraged those Church leaders who would have rejected a candidate on the basis of homosexuality to overlook that tendency?

I can just imagine how an interview with a candidate would go: “Do you have any homosexual or pedophilic tendencies?”

“Well, yes, I do.” 

“OK, well, we’re really short-handed here, so we won’t worry...

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