Between the Lines

Who Hates Trump?

Politics is all about hatred.  Never mind who you’re voting for: It’s who you’re voting against that really counts.  And that’s why any disagreement I may have with Donald Trump’s actual policies is completely irrelevant.  Because what really matters is that all the people I really hate—the media, the leadership of both parties, the entire political class—really, really hate The Donald.

The neocons hate him because he has upset their little applecart, which had Jeb Bush riding in front and Marco Rubio hanging off the back.  The left hates Trump for his alleged xenophobia, Islamophobia, and other high crimes, such as being a successful businessman.  And most of all, the Sensible Center hates his guts for precisely those characteristics which have catapulted him to the top of the polls: his unvarnished, unrehearsed resemblance (setting aside his possession of several billion dollars in assets) to ordinary Americans.

I would never actively support Trump’s campaign, but there’s nothing wrong with rooting for him from the sidelines, cheering him on as he deflects the broadsides coming from both the left and right wings of the establishment, while appearing to be having an awful lot of fun in the process.

Politicians need to be judged by their enemies.  And just look at the wonderful array of haters assembled...

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