Whither the Republic?

This month, we shall have an answer to an all-important question: Which arm of our bipartisan party state will occupy the White House for the next four years?  This is an issue second in importance only to such urgent American questions as “When will Britney Spears be allowed to see her kids?”  “How much weight will Jennifer Lopez drop after giving birth to twins?”  And—for those of us with an interest in ancient history—“Who shot J.R.?”  I know these are the most important issues because they have been featured on the cover of America’s most honest newspaper, the National Enquirer.

I suppose we should also add to the list, “What absurd name will Bristol Palin give the love child whose conception is nobody else’s business?”  Both camps have their own reasons for the cordon sanitaire that has been placed, quite properly, around Mrs. Palin’s children.  Since neither party has the slightest interest in decency or good manners, what they are really saying is that the way in which politicians conduct themselves or manage their family responsibilities is of no interest to the electorate.  I wish someone had told the Republicans this when they were going after Bill Clinton.  In some states, Bristol could marry a Suzie instead of a Levi, and, before this generation passes away, she will be able to marry both Levi...

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