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Whither Europe?

That Europe is in mortal danger from the ongoing, overwhelmingly Muslim immigrant deluge and from its ruling elites’ spiritual degeneracy is beyond dispute.  This phenomenon of world-historical significance has several causes, but the most important one is in the divorce of reason from faith.  As a result, post-Christian Europe is rapidly sinking into self-destruction.

The nature of the problem is illustrated by the European Union’s Media Against Hate campaign, conducted under its Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme.  Its sponsor, the E.U. Commission, pledges that its lawyers “will address the worrying increase of hate crime and hate speech by allocating funding to actions aiming at preventing and combating racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance.”  In the same vein, in his “State of the Union” address last September, E.U. Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker declared that the E.U. will keep accepting migrants regardless of what ordinary people want: “Europe is and must remain the continent of solidarity where those fleeing persecution can find refuge.”

This same mindset—a Nineteen Eighty-four-style hate-speech mania mixed with morbid self-loathing—is replicated every day in a million classrooms, editorial offices, lecture halls, government agencies, and churches all over Europe.  The game is not up, however. ...

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