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Whither Chronicles?

I have been a subscriber to Chronicles for roughly twenty-five years. I love the print magazine, which I intend to take until I pass on to my reward, its publication ceases, or its “voice” becomes indistinct from that of National Review, whichever comes first.

But it seems to me that, beginning about the time of the death of Tom Landess, there have been changes afoot behind the scenes that have proceeded at a fairly rapid pace. That is discomforting for someone such as myself who is of such a conservative bent that I was initially put off when Chronicles changed its font. And now that I have had to come to terms with that, with Tom Fleming’s stepping away from Chronicles to go do essentially the same thing on his own, Scott Richert’s departure, and the growing vacuum left by the deaths of Landess, and later John Howard, Egon Tausch, and now more recently John Lukacs, Aaron Wolf, and Justin Raimondo—all of which I have borne silently.

I am at last moved to break my silence and ask (perhaps selfishly) for an explanation, to wit: What has happened to Chilton Williamson? It seems that in the wake of Aaron Wolf’s death and the shift to The Charlemagne Institute as publisher of Chronicles, he has simply vanished from institutional memory—no longer listed on the masthead or even as an active contributor, and all without any public announcement...

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