Vital Signs

White Self-Hatred and the Christian Spirit

At the first Congress on Racial Justice and Reconciliation, held in Washington in May, the Reverend Earl W. Jackson, the black director of the mostly white "Samaritan Project" of the Christian Coalition, told 500 mostly black Christians that, despite many blacks' warnings that he was selling out to the "religious right," "our agenda" is "the work of God Almighty, as best we can understand." A white Christian might wonder if this agenda is not that of the Almighty but of the multicultural, anti-American, anti-white left, for it turns out that the gathering was yet another exercise in white self-hatred masquerading as Christian charity, with Ralph Reed, the former executive director of the Christian Coalition, using the forum to "reach out" to blacks and seek their approval.

The Samaritan Project, according to a report in the Washington Times, was launched earlier this year and is funded by the Christian Coalition's "donor base." The Reverend Jackson's group received a grant of some $850,000 from the project to "rebuild burned churches." Never mind that the whole "church burning" episode (supposedly the work of a "racist" conspiracy) turned out to be a hoax, that many white churches had also been burned, and that law enforcement officials had confirmed that church arson is quite common. As so often happens in such cases, the...

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