White Like Me

Few men in America are as reviled by the liberal establishment as Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance.  According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), he is “a courtly presenter of ideas that most would consider crudely white supremacist.”  Keep in mind that the SPLC is an organization that cites Thomas Fleming, editor of this magazine, 11 times on its website for his association with such “hate groups” as the League of the South and the notorious Rockford Institute.  If you are reading this magazine, you are already tainted.  If you buy Jared Taylor’s new book, you probably risk investigation by the ATF or some clandestine civil-rights-enforcement organization.  Even reading this review could endanger your voting rights in the New World Order.

Now that you have been forewarned, allow me to summarize Taylor’s argument: The architects of the civil-rights movement, who sought to build a color-blind, fully integrated society, have achieved only a pyrrhic victory.  If minorities are well represented in our public institutions, our schools and colleges, our sports, and in the media, pervasive segregation persists in virtually every form of voluntary association.  The ideology of multiculturalism, while it celebrates “diversity,” is little more than a cover for a divisive racial power politics intended to demonize whites and impose upon them a disabling burden...

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