Between the Lines

Where Honor Is Due

I got a call from a Washington-based journalist the other day who wanted to know if Pat Buchanan had any influence on the platform of our current President.

What a question!  The guy sounded fairly young—at least, younger than me—so he doesn’t remember.  Yes, but aren’t there books, articles, easily accessible on the internet?  Has history been erased?  Well, perhaps it has when it comes to Buchanan, whose disappearance from television was the result of a left-wing hate campaign, and whose exile from the op-ed pages of the nation’s newspapers, where his syndicated column used to appear, occurred when he took up the cudgels on behalf of “America First.”

Ah, yes, “America First”: Surely that slogan rings a bell.

It was the summer of 1990, and our coterie of libertarians was in a funk.  Having just left the collection of sectarians and would-be opportunists that make up the so-called Libertarian Party and set up our own little outfit, dubbed the Libertarian Republican Organizing Committee (LROC), we morosely pondered our next step.  While we had all the accoutrements of what looked to be a real movement—local chapters, a monthly magazine, a national headquarters—we were sadly lacking the one element that makes a political faction meaningful: candidates!  No one, it seemed, fit the bill, particularly when it came...

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