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When You’re Alone, You’re Alone

Three months ago, in the American Proscenium (“By Their Fruits,” February), I posed a question: “Is a lone wolf any less a wolf because he is alone?”

My musings were prompted by the arrest, on December 8, of the Rockford jihadi Derrick Shareef (a.k.a. Talib Abu Salam Ibn), a black convert to the “religion of peace” who began his descent into “violent jihad” when he turned to mainstream Islam.  Or, rather, they were prompted by the reaction of the local media and national commentators who went out of their way to assure us that, since there was no obvious “Al Qaeda connection,” Shareef was a “lone wolf” who never posed much of a threat to the citizens of Rockford or the shoppers at CherryVale, the mall that Shareef had targeted for a grenade attack during Advent.

The absurdity of that statement ought to be obvious: Most murderers act alone, but they still manage to murder.  More to the point, however: When we’re talking about a “lone wolf” Muslim terrorist, is he ever really alone?

The same media outlets that never fail to see a connection between peaceful pro-life demonstrators and abortion-clinic bombers somehow fall as blind as Isaac when the would-be murderer is a Muslim.  The very idea that the ideology of radical Islam might tie him to like-minded people is absurd; he must, by definition,...

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