When West Meets East

When Virginia Governor George Allen recently attempted to return the curriculum of his state's public school system to a solid grounding in Western and American history, his plan, greeted with howls of indignation from the National Educational Association and their minions in the state legislature, was soundly defeated. "It would set us back to the 1950's! It would ignore all we have discovered about how children learn in the last few decades! It would bring us back to Eurocentrism!" And so a popular governor recent!v elected with a solid mandate proved powerless to overcome the entrenched forces of "educators" and "liberal" legislators to restore the European and American tradition to center stage in Virginia's schools.

Those in professional educational circles who argue for doing away with "Eurocentrism" often point to the undeniable demographic increase in certain classrooms, including those in northern Virginia, of children from widely different ethnic backgrounds. On the level of higher education as well, many of our universities have experienced a dramatic rise in the percentage of foreign (the p.c. term is "international") students. How ever, it is not the students' background that determines curriculum but the categories of knowledge and the cultural expectations of the nation in which they are studying. As for the college and graduate students who flock to...

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