What We Are Reading: July 2021

This extraordinary tome proposes a cure for our cultural illness: the resurgence of the muscular Christianity that once permeated higher education. The success of Fulton Brown’s project is far from assured, but in this essay collection she embraces the task with zealous ecstasy.

The book is ostensibly the story of the author’s unlikely relationship with Milo Yiannopoulos, the colorful former Breitbart journalist, who was once outlandishly gay, and who remains a professional provocateur. Among the many other delights of this book is a sustained repudiation of claims that Milo is racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, a white nationalist, anti-Semitic, etc. Fulton Brown shows how Milo’s campus critics were terrified by his message: “The issues that Milo talks about are usually considered political, but in fact have to do with people’s deepest convictions: the proper relations between men and women, the definition of community, the role of beauty, access to truth.”

Her key insight is that behind Milo’s outrageous persona is a deep Christian faith. Almost no one took Milo seriously, but Fulton Brown did, sensing a kindred spirit. Both threaten to replace the academy’s predominant obsession with victimhood,...

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