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I have been reading through, here and there at odd moments as I find the time, the Fall/Winter number of The Chesterton Review, generously sent me by Fr. Ian Boyd, C.S.B., the journal’s editor, and designated its Special Journalism Issue.  Chesterton always insisted that he was no more, and no less, than a “jolly journalist,” a freelance in the truest sense of the word, a literary Don Quixote at liberty to charge any windmill he encountered though not necessarily for the purpose of leveling it—rather indeed, as often as not, of knocking it straight up on its foundations.  Father Boyd, in his Introduction, recalls that GKC aimed all of his literary production, which includes novels, short stories, plays, and poetry as well as journalistic articles, at what he called “training the minds of men to act upon the community” and “making the mind a source of creation and critical action.”  Boyd further quotes an observation by Étienne Gilson, the French philosopher and historian of philosophy, that Chesterton was able to intuit truth without needing to reason his way to it.  Chesterton’s work is famous for its parables, which indeed amount to its essence.  Accordingly, the editor has devoted this number of the Review to “a study of the journalism in parables to which Chesterton devoted much of his writing career.”  I am enjoying it...

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