What the Editors Are Reading

It’s easy in this business to read too much journalism at the expense of books.  Every morning I go through the New York Times (faster and more selectively with each week that passes), the (London) Daily Telegraph, and Le Figaro (it has some strong conservative writers, like Luc Ferry, and interesting essays and well-done interviews in the Sélection Premium department), and look into Il Messaggero.  The Guardian is fun to make up for myself, and then follow up to see whether the editors and writers exceeded the idiocy I had imagined for them.  Each month I read nearly all of First Things, which does the best job of any magazine I know, save Catholica, of integrating religious issues with social and political ones, and every two weeks The New York Review of Books: so obsessed with Donald Trump that it has forgotten what matters most in life, which is good books.  I use it mainly now to keep abreast of what the publishers are up to.  I read right through The Spectator every week (or almost), enjoying especially Charles Moore’s Spectator’s Notes for the elegant prose and the balance and reserve of its observations, the bracingly right-wing and occasionally outrageous (though not by my standard) Rod Liddle, Freddy Gray’s articles, and—of course—Taki’s High Life column,...

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