Cultural Revolutions

What's in a Name?

Time was, when someone used the term American, or Canadian, Briton, or German, you knew what he meant.  The man or woman in question was white and had a name such as Smith, Jones, or Muller.  Or the American might be black, most likely a descendant of slaves.  Perhaps he was an Indian, meaning an Apache from Arizona, not a Brahmin from Bombay.  But alas, the neocons and their leftist media allies tell us, you never know.  America is not a real place with a settled language, culture, religion, and ethnic core but an “idea.”  Anyone who accepts this “idea” or “proposition,” as they also call it, is an American.  To paraphrase the late Samuel Francis, that would include Ubangi women with lip plates large enough to inscribe the Declaration of Independence and Constitution with room left over for the Federalist.

Thus it is that Arab terrorists living in the West, by virtue of birth, now rate identification as “Americans,” “Canadians,” “Britons,” or “Germans.”  Consider some recent headlines.

Most recently, from, we learned that a “Canadian Gitmo prisoner admits he was [a] teenage al-Qaida militant.”  The name of this “Canadian”?  Omar Khadr.  If that doesn’t sound “Canadian,” perhaps that’s...

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