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The November 2011 issue of Chronicles has a major problem on page five.

In “Aborted Economy” (American Proscenium), John C. Seiler, Jr., writes, and the editors boldly highlight in a pull-quote, a statement about “the 1973 class of ‘fetal matter,’ as the pro-aborts call them.”

I have reread the article several times looking for support for that statement.  But no, it exists only as a naked, unsupported assumption.

The statement is just as empty as any leftist dogma.  It visually screams at us, like the Occupy Wall Street gangs, as though louder volume were sufficient proof of truthfulness.

So prove false this similar statement: “The 1973’ers would now be living in more ‘underwater’ homes, with more delinquent mortgages, or in even more filthy apartments paid for by government welfare.  Their miseducated children would be vandalizing the vacant storefronts, and their unmarried, unemployed parents would be stretching the lines for even more government handouts.  They would further burden the tax load, increasing the deficit and debt.”

Following your example, I won’t bother providing any support for those dogmatic assumptions.  You should just accept them because the statements support what someone wants...

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