What Kind of Freedom?

Picking and Choosing Liberties to Defend

When family and culture are under constant attack, there sometimes seems to be no greater enemy than the American Civil Liberties Union.  Yet, when Washington is busy expanding the welfare/warfare state, sometimes only the ACLU seems willing to confront Leviathan.  What is someone who loves both liberty and community to do?

There is no reason why the protection of fundamental freedoms must undercut family and community.  At base, what the ACLU really does not like is freedom exercised on behalf of religious, traditional, or family values.

While opposing intrusive government searches, for instance, the organization fights measures to empower families to choose a better education for their own children.  While emphasizing the sanctity of human life by opposing capital punishment, the ACLU combats any attempt to limit abortion, even the near-infanticide of partial-birth abortion.

The fact that much of what the ACLU does is unpopular is actually one of its strengths.  Perhaps the group’s greatest failing is not recognizing that emotionally charged social conflicts are best resolved without recourse to government edicts and court rulings.  Instead of shrinking the size and reach of the Leviathan state, which would reduce the bitter battles that now dominate American courtrooms, the ACLU wants to use government power for social engineering.  The organization seems to think that...

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